End of 1970s

Origin of Hydrowatt’s concept – challenges to supply sub sea infrastructure with local power was eventually met by deploying hydraulic solutions, from mid 1980s


Bonding ceramics to steel – knowledge and experience with bonding ceramics to steel for sub sea purposes built from deliveries to the oil industry service sector


Early Proof of Concept test of the Hydrowatt solution – a vertical axis turbine, using the Darrieus principle, was tested in a pool proving electricity generation at current speeds of 1 to 2 knots


Ceramics insulated High Voltage feed through – a solution was found to transport electricity through the walls of a sub sea housing at stressing operational and ambient conditions

2013 – 2017

In depth analysis of hydro dynamic performance of Hydrowatt solution’s turbine blades – data modeling and analysis of the Hydrowatt concept


Hydrowatt AS  – company was established

Aug 2018

Cooperation with BEVI – BEVI as supplier of electric generator technology cooperates with HydroWatt on design of the low speed, direct driven, permanent magnet based, synchronous electric generator

Jan 2019

Cooperation with University of South Norway –  flow simulation / blade technology / Hydrowatt unit scaling